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Fish Tips

1.    Are you fighting for the right thing?

2.    Look for some clarity    

3.    Write it down  


4.    Don't say it if you don't mean it 

5.    Turn that anger into exercise

6 .   Make something beautiful

7.    Look at your calendar

8.    Sudden changes

9.    Healing old wounds

10.  New beginnings and restarts


11.  Watch what you say

12.  I am a lover not a fighter

13.  Hard work is rewarded 

14 . Admit you were wrong

15.  Appreciate what you have

16.  Promotions could be in store

17.  Change can be difficult

18. Overwhelming

19. Reviewing brings revelations

20. Pleasant visits 

21.Confusion in communications

22. Try that new recipe

23. Secrets are revealed

24. Family is who you make it

25. Dealing with responsibilities

26. Do you really need that?

27.Sorting it out

28.Start that new diet

29.Slow down

30. Cry it out

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