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Luminous Lessons, The Moon

Luminous Lessons

The Moon

I have been trying to decide the subject of my first post about astrology. The Moon came out on top. How many times have you looked at a Full Moon or a Crescent Moon in a dusky or dark sky? I have some very special memories of times I looked up to the Moon, knowing that the memory I held would be marked by the moon that was shining that night. A New Years Eve Party in which the Full Moon was so bright, I could actually see the halo around it. A crescent moon hung out with me as I walked along the beach shore in tears. An eclipse that literally gave me chills with excitement and anxiety as I was starting a new beginning. A Full Moon rising above the mountain tops as if it were touching the peak. A very special evening with my friends and family in which we danced without a care under the full moon and twinkling stars. Romantic Evenings, Lonely Evenings, Evenings of Joy and Evenings of Sadness. All of them are marked by the moon in the sky.

When I learned how the moon played a major role in my own astrology I knew, without a doubt, that I should have learned about this many years ago. The realizations gained while studying my own natal moon answered so many questions about the way I interacted with others in my life. I have a Cancer Moon. Only the Moon and the Sun have the rulership over a single sign.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Luminaries, which hold our purpose and our dreams. A person with a Cancer Moon is considered very sensitive. Cancer is a Water Sign along with Scorpio and Pisces. All of the water moons are full of emotions, mysteries, dreams and our innermost private thoughts. One of the things that stood out at the beginning of my astrological studies was that those of us with a Cancer Moon live much of our lives through our memories. These memories are embedded into every facet of our present life. We carry our lessons, our love, our loss and our fears in the heart on our sleeves. I knew that I was a sensitive soul but I did not understand how much of my life was based on my feelings. I have learned to share my feelings through creativity. My children were the most important people in my life. Romance evaded my life but I hope that one day, even as I grow older with a lot less options, that someone feels that passionate about a relationship with me. There is that Dream. Connections made from the heart are the most difficult connections. When relationships end or someone leaves our life or hurts us, our emotions come straight from the heart. Knowing what I know now about my own Moon, I definitely would have made some different choices.

Air Moons are made of the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. People with these moons live more from their thoughts. Mental agility is a common trait among the Air Moon Personalities. Even if they have the desired ability to think their way through emotions they can still feel the same pain or joy as the rest of us. This gives them the skill of putting things in a box to get the unique detachment to view their own emotions from a different perspective.

Fire Moons are made of the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These People lead their lives by gauge. When their emotions reach a particular level, the pressure is released. This could show up as Anger, Drama or Excitement. The light from this moon fuels the passion of their soul. As these individuals grow they gain the ability to bring more peace and acceptance to their emotions. I have started to compare the air moons with people who live in zen. They learn to control their emotions through acceptance.

Earth Moons are made of the Signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Their emotions are led by outside forces rather than the inner. Don’t get me wrong, they still have the same feelings but their reaction is affected by their environment, to the extent that they can seem rather apathetic. Earth Moons can handle anything if their environment is made up of the things that bring them peace. This could be anything or anyone. Their ability to interact in the material realm is the best among us.

Find your Natal Moon. Read about your Natal Moon and the Natal Moon of those you love. The realizations you come away with can answer many questions about emotions, reactions, how we love, our passions, our dreams and the importance we place on conditions of our own environments.

If you would like a Natal Chart Reading please fill out the submission form found on the Book online Tab. I would be honored to help you on your journey to self awareness.


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