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December 2023

Please remember these are general forecasts for each Rising Sign.  The planetary placements in your own natal chart will have different effects on the transits and aspects of the month.  If you would like a personal natal chart reading please fill out the information for new clients.  Link at the bottom of the page.



The beginning of the month starts with your ruler Mercury moving into Capricorn.  For Virgo, this is the area of leisure, children, creativity and new romance.  Saturn rules Capricorn which gives you the ability to take control of any trips, events or creative endeavors but Mercury will retrograde the last two weeks of the month which could put a wrench in any plans.  Be sure to read everything before signing an agreement and make notes about any communications concerning travel.  Venus squares Pluto before moving into Scorpio.  The energy of this transit could involve the money earned, money saved along with your assets and may require a deep and detailed review. Balancing the Books will be on your mind before you start focusing on any community events, short trips, neighborhood get togethers and family gatherings.  Neptune stations direct in Pisces with Saturn.  Your closest relationships are very important to you but you may been seeing a particular connection through rose colored glasses.  Saturn will allow you to take a realistic look at relationship roles and responsibilities.  The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place in the area of home and family.  Adventure, entertainment and celebrations at home could be overwhelming at times.  When making a commitment or planning an event, it will be important to stay grounded so you don’t over promise as Mars is pushing you to make big plans that you may not be able to meet.  Mercury retrograde will involve communications that may create confusion and travel plans that may experience delays.  Be clear with conversations and keep a schedule during the month of December.  The Sun will make a square to Neptune in Pisces.  This energy could prove to be difficult as you may have missed something in event planning or a commitment between you and a close connection can not be fulfilled. December 21, 2023 the Sun makes its entrance into Capricorn.  The focus turns from home and hearth to fun and creativity.  Careful planning and preparation will bring contentment and peace.  The Full Moon in Cancer takes place in the area of friends, groups, goals, co workers and benefactors.  Water rules your relationships in general which can give you the role of nurturer in groups, at work and with friends.  Memories could bring on some melancholy, so reminiscing with friends can be emotional.  The trine that the new moon makes with Saturn and the sextile it makes with Jupiter gives a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere during this full moon.  Mercury moves into a conjunction with Mars in the area of home and family.  The communications you have with your family members could devolve into arguments and disagreements under this transit.  Pick your battles carefully.  The end of the month, Venus enters Sagittarius and Jupiter stations direct.  Under this energy you could decide to hire a professional for a home improvement project.

I will be giving more details of each transit in my Instagram posts so please follow us on Instagram @lunafishinc.  Please remember that these forecasts are written for your rising sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, you can visit one of the many websites, including and free of charge.

If you are interested in getting a natal chart reading or a forecast please send an email to or you can send a message through Instagram where you can keep up with new weekly themes and explanations on a variety of topics involving astrology. 


As Always, LunaFishInc wishes you a Peaceful Day.

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