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 September 2023

Please remember these are general forecasts for each Rising Sign.  The planetary placements in your own natal chart will have different effects on the transits and aspects of the month.  If you would like a personal natal chart reading please fill out the information for new clients.  Link at the bottom of the page.


The Month of September will shake up the areas of Career, Home, Daily Routines, Friendships, Beliefs and Legalities.  Jupiter Rules Sagittarius and will retrograde during the first week of the month the day after Venus stations Direct.  These two Planets bring benefits and blessings.  Venus in the area of Beliefs, Life Philosophy, The Law, Higher Education and Long Distance Travel can bring lucky breaks, fortunate outcomes or chance meetings in which you are introduced to someone that will be in your life for a long time.  Venus remains in a square to Jupiter for the majority of the month.  Your daily routines, such as work duties, exercise, volunteering and pets can provide the opportunities to receive good news, new mentors or teachers, a chance to reach an amicable agreement to a long standing problem or participating in a new and exciting adventure.  Mercury is retrograde until September 15.  Mercury will make trines to Jupiter and Uranus which could create some surprises or sudden events that will, in time bring fulfillment and abundance in your Career, Job Title, Reputation, Legacies and your involvement in Organizations that help or assist people in need.  Communications could cause confusion until after it stations direct.  Mars in Libra could bring frustrations to the area of Friends, Groups, Benefactors and Goals.  You may have to wait until Mars enters Scorpio before you notice a sizable shift in the progress you make with these themes.  The New Moon in Virgo is the time to make new intentions and plans concerning your Career.  Make notes on any and all ideas that come to mind during this time.  The Full Moon in Aries at the end of the Month may bring endings or culminations to friendships or goals.  While balance in this area of your life is important, frustrations, harsh reactions or overwhelming emotions can make this a difficult Full Moon.

I will be giving more details of each transit in my Instagram posts so please follow us on Instagram @lunafishinc.  Please remember that these forecasts are written for your rising sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, you can visit one of the many websites, including and free of charge.


If you are interested in getting a natal chart reading or a forecast please send an email to or you can send a message through Instagram where you can keep up with new weekly themes and explanations on a variety of topics involving astrology. 


As Always, LunaFishInc wishes you a Peaceful Day.

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