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March 2023

The Month of March is the beginning of some Major Developments that will require Big Adjustments on the World Stage and in Our Own Lives.  Seven Planets will change signs this month and all Planets are Moving in Direct Motion.  Fast Paced Events will cause sudden transitions, unexpected issues, controversy, intensity and surprises that require quick decisions or split-second choices.  


Along with the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto will make their entrance into the New Energies. The Sun’s move into Aries starts a new Astrological Year.   Mercury enters Pisces which could bring more insight into the meanings of our dreams, spiritual awakenings or quiet contemplation.  Venus enters Home Sign Taurus and brings more focus to Money, Resources, Nature, Love, Luxury, Comfort and Sensuality.  Mars enters Cancer after spending an excruciating long transit through Gemini.  Saturn leaves a three year transit in Aquarius and makes its entrance into Pisces. Pluto will make a short two month visit to Aquarius until it starts a Twenty Year Stay next year.  


While the Ingresses into New Signs will bring the most noticeable shifts in energy, we also have a Full Moon in Virgo and a New Moon in Aries.  Neptune is activated by conjunctions with the Sun and Mercury, along with a square from Mars.  A Mercury Cazimi and Venus conjunct the North Node will give us clarity and direction.  


Although we are reminded daily that we have no control over anything, this month could be the start of new routines, new people, new perspectives, different attitudes or a change in direction.  It will be important to stay grounded through meditation, cultivate harmonious connections and sustain a healthy work/life balance.


Please remember these are general forecasts for each Rising Sign.  The planetary placements in your own natal chart will have different effects on the transits and aspects of the month.  If you would like a personal natal chart reading please fill out the information for new clients.  Link at the bottom of the page.



The Month of March begins with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with Chiron in Aries. This is the area of Community, Travel, Communication, Education, Neighbors and Siblings.  Opportunities for more interaction or conversations will bring confidence, lucky breaks and improvements for the first week of the month.  Mercury conjunct Saturn in your own sign involves your Identity, Appearance and Health.  Serious consideration or conversations concerning the responsibilities of the roles you play, your Health and Appearance can bring new devotion or dedication to self improvement.  Mercury will enter Pisces which slows down thought process, increases creativity, causes confusion and makes it difficult to find the right words during conversations involving money earned, money spent and your values.  The Full Moon in Virgo will bring conclusions, accomplishments and culminations to the area involving Obligations, Finances, Other People’s Money, Sex, Death and Karma.  Saturn will enter Pisces after three years of transiting your own sign of Aquarius.  This will bring a noticeable shift in money earned, money spent and your values.  The next three years will bring new structure, new insights to your finances and will require stronger boundaries and dedication.  Mars square Neptune will take place while the Sun and Mercury are making a conjunction to Neptune.  This is also taking place in the area of money earned, money spent and values.  The insight you receive now could be upsetting but is necessary to make the changes needed for new boundaries.  Venus will then make its entrance to Home Sign Taurus which rules your Home, Property and Family.  Opportunities appear for new purchase, renovation or sale of Home and Property.  The Mercury Cazimi in Pisces shines a spotlight on money earned, money spent and values.  New perspective or Insight can reveal the solution to a long standing problem.  Mercury then enters Aries which gives you more confidence in your interactions and conversations about yourself with those in your community.  Soon after, the Sun moves into Aries and begins the Astrological New Year.  If you have been more secluded or have spent more time alone during the last month, you will now feel the initiative to interact more with those in your community.  The Moon in Aries will give you the opportunity to create the intentions or plans to participate in more community activities.  Pluto will Enter your sign Aquarius for a few weeks which will give you a glimpse at the transformation that will take place concerning your own identity, appearance and health. Mars will enter Cancer which rules Daily Routines, Work Duties, Service, Health Regimen and Pets.  Moodiness and Short Tempers could bring some disagreements that require defensive actions concerning these themes.  The conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Chiron gives you a voice concerning your Community where you have remained silent.  Venus conjunct Uranus in the area of Home, Property and Family can bring the opportunity for a new home renovation project, the sale or purchase of a New Home or Property.  March is a Big Month which brings Big Opportunities, Big Surprises, Big Upsets and Big Changes.

I will be giving more details of each transit in my Instagram posts so please follow us on Instagram @lunafishinc.  Please remember that these forecasts are written for your rising sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, you can visit one of the many websites, including and free of charge.


If you are interested in getting a natal chart reading or a forecast please send an email to or you can send a message through Instagram where you can keep up with new weekly themes and explanations on a variety of topics involving astrology. 


As Always, LunaFishInc wishes you a Peaceful Day.

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