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Fish Tales
August 2021


(Aphrodite, Inanna, Isis, Frigg, Sita)



  • The 2nd planet of the solar system

  • Discovered as early as 2500 BC

  • First planet visited by spacecraft in 1962

  • Approximately same size as earth

  • Hottest surface of any planet 850 degrees

  • No moons

  • The Venus day lasts 117 earth days

  • 67.5  million miles from the sun

  • 225 days to orbit the sun

  • 96% carbon dioxide, small traces of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide

  • Atmosphere clouds of sulfuric acid

  • Color white and yellow

  • Rises in the evening and morning

  • Known for its bright reflection 

  • Rules pleasures and beauty

  • Rules Taurus and Libra


Venus Myth

Known as the goddess of love and desire.  Born as an adult from the foam of Uranus upon the Azore sea, she floated to shore upon a shell.


Short Story

Venus was betrothed to the god Vulcan who was the god of fire and metalworking. She was known for her beauty and poise and found delight in celebrations she threw and the friendships and happiness they allowed.  Vulcan was aged and unsightly and could not appease the boredom of the fair Venus.  As she caught a glimpse of the handsome Mars descending to Mount Olympus his fiery eyes consumed her thoughts. She was filled with a desire for Mars and soon captured his attention.  It was then that they started a love affair.  When Vulcan discovered the betrayal he forged a bronze net so intricately designed that it became invisible. Venus and Mars met for a passionate encounter and they laid upon the net. They were captured by the vengeful Vulcan who had invited all the other gods to witness this act of deceit.  Shame befell on the unfaithful Venus and the great warrior Mars as they were ridiculed by the other gods, but to this day the love and desire of Venus and Mars is unmatched.

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