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September 2023

Please remember these are general forecasts for each Rising Sign.  The planetary placements in your own natal chart will have different effects on the transits and aspects of the month.  If you would like a personal natal chart reading please fill out the information for new clients.  Link at the bottom of the page.



Most of the activity this month takes place in Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Libra.  The South Node and Chiron are transiting Aries.  The Oppositions made from planets or points in Libra could bring more awareness to the issues you may be having in Relationships, Partnerships, Contracts or Legal Agreements.  Aries Ruler Mars in Libra can cause frustration with these themes.  It will be important to use patience while trying to make changes or adjustments as you will probably experience delays and obstacles in communications, negotiations and agreements with Partners.  The Mercury Retrograde is taking place in the area of Daily Routines.  Reviews of your work duties or your service to others will take place.  Pets could become an issue now.  Your Health and Health Routines may be undergoing adjustments based on new information, sudden events or insight.  Mars is still creating some stress while in Libra while the Mercury and Venus aspects to Uranus and Jupiter could bring more uncertainty but the potential for Pleasant Surprises is more than possible. The Full Moon in your own Sign will bring Answers, Solutions and Culminations to the way you identify yourself, your health and your appearance.  This Month for Aries requires Patience, Justice, Truth and the ability to roll with the punches.

I will be giving more details of each transit in my Instagram posts so please follow us on Instagram @lunafishinc.  Please remember that these forecasts are written for your rising sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, you can visit one of the many websites, including and free of charge.


If you are interested in getting a natal chart reading or a forecast please send an email to or you can send a message through Instagram where you can keep up with new weekly themes and explanations on a variety of topics involving astrology. 


As Always, LunaFishInc wishes you a Peaceful Day.

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