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General Forecast  

We have made it through the first four months of the year and have managed to start taking care of the things that have been left on the back burner far too long.  Some of us have turned our internal struggles into good decisions and new directions.  The eclipses that took place in March and April were powerful, leading many of us to strengthen or release relationships.  There is no doubt it has been tough for some and even tougher for others.  


Pluto in Aquarius is stationing retrograde on May 2nd. This is the beginning of the outer planets retrogrades during the summer. As these planets retrograde we will experience a slow down in practically every part of our lives. 

May 1-2 Venus squares Pluto and Mars sextiles Pluto as it stations retrograde.  The last time these three met through a conjunction was Feb 14 - Feb 22.  If you have been dealing with an issue that popped up around this time then you may find some complications or power struggles in relationships are taking place.  This will be a powerful energy as Pluto is stationary and very strong.  At this point you may decide to take a different direction with certain relationships.  

On May 8, 2024 we will have a new moon in Taurus.  This is the moon to make intentions for manifestations.  Taurus energy will give you the endurance to develop more harmonious relationships, increase saving or spending and sustain the growth and stability of your desires.

Since this is an earthy energy. Be sure to spend time in nature to ground yourself.  This is also a time that your senses are heightened along with your sensuality.  Hard work will be required to bring the manifestation of this new moon that culminates with the Taurus full moon on Nov 15, 2024.  It will be important to base your new moon intentions on the amount of effort you are willing to put into it.

May 12th, Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus.  New ideas, information, inspiration involving wealth, resources, love, comfort and stability.  This may come through a sudden or unexpected event.

May 15th, Mercury enters Taurus after spending many months in Aries.  You will experience more interactions or conversations involving self worth, values and money along with love, comfort and growth.  

May 17th - May 21st, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus.  Purpose, Blessings and Abundance are possible with this powerful annual conjunction.  Mercury makes a square to Pluto in Aquarius.  This is fixed energy. Try to steer clear of heated arguments during negotiations.  Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus will start a process of gaining more assets, money, resources that bring comfort, stability and possibly new love. Mars conjunct the North Node in Aries.  Your purpose is more clearly defined now.  Action taken in this area of your chart needs to be well thought out in order to bring the results you want.  Sun and Jupiter sextile Neptune is a time that you may find a long held dream comes to fruition.  Neptune made its entrance into Pisces near the end of 2011. Since then, you may have experienced disappointments or failures involving chasing a dream or meeting a goal. Now you may find that certain dreams and goals are still attainable. On the 20th, the Sun makes its entrance into Gemini and then makes a trine to Pluto.  Clarity is established through communications, travel, extended family, community, education and technology. You could feel more power with words, music, travel and interactions with others.

On May 21st, the two benefits, Jupiter and Venus will make a conjunction in the last degrees of Taurus.  Because this is a conjunction of the planet of blessings and the planet of desires, the place in your chart that is ruled by Taurus will see gains in money and resources, harmony in relationships, stability for growth.   

May 23, 2024 we will have a full moon in Sagittarius.  This full moon is a culmination of the Sagittarius new moon that took place Dec 12, 2023.  The themes of this full moon are about long distance travel or communications involving legal developments, cultures, beliefs, religion, politics and social media. It is possible that you have a mentor leaving or entering your life.

Venus will make its entrance into Gemini on the same day.  Venus in Gemini brings gifts through communications, education, travel, tech and community interactions.  Writers and Musicians will feel the boost of creativity which in turn could bring more money.  Take advantage of the goddess of love, beauty and harmony now.

May 25, 2024 Jupiter makes its entrance into Gemini, where it will stay for the following year.  The shift that will be felt involves, communications, technology, interactions with people in your local environment, starting a business, earning more money, success in your community and blessings from siblings and extended family members. It is also possible that you may start to travel more for pleasure.

May 29th Mars makes a conjunction with Chiron in Aries.  You will want to take action to heal the inner wounds that involve your identity, inspiration, authenticity and determination. Mars is in its domicile while transiting Aries.  This makes Mars more productive and possibly more impulsive.

May 31st Jupiter makes a trine to Pluto and Mercury conjuncts Uranus.  Now that Jupiter is starting a new 12 year cycle involving Gemini themes, this could be a major new beginning concerning your interactions and understanding of your local environment.  If you are looking to start a new business, this would be the time.

The Month of May turns to the power of Venus and Jupiter. These are the planets of blessings and abundance. While you can enjoy this energy it would also be worth your time to concentrate on growth and manifestation concerning the themes of Gemini in your own chart.


Read your rising sign forecast for more details.


The Summer of Retrogrades: 

Pluto retrograde May 02 - Oct 12 Slower Transformation

Saturn retrograde Jun 29 - Nov 15 Fewer Obstacles 

Neptune retrograde  Jul 02 - Dec 07 Less Confusion

Chiron retrograde Jul 26 - Dec 29 Review of our own inner healing

Mercury retrograde Aug 05 - Aug 28 Reviews, Repeats, Restore

Uranus retrograde Sep 01 - Dec 31+ Fewer Sudden Events or Changes

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