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10/02 Mercury opposite Neptune

10/03 Mercury trine Pluto

10/08  Mars square Pluto

10/08   Venus enters Virgo opposes Saturn

10/10  Pluto Direct

10/12 Mars enters Scorpio trines Saturn

10/14 Solar Eclipse Libra

10/19 Sun conjunct Mercury

10/20 Mercury/Sun square Pluto

10/22 Mercury enters Libra trines Saturn

10/23   Sun enters Libra trines Saturn

10/28 Lunar Eclipse Taurus

10/28 Mercury conjunct Mars

10/31 Venus trine Uranus

Monthly Aspects 

Monthly Outlook

This is a month of choices, relationships, insight, endings, transformation, answers and the desire for harmony, justice and balance in love, commitments.  Venus enters Virgo.  Mars enters Libra, Pluto stations Direct and the Sun and Mercury enter Libra together.  The Eclipse kicks off with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Libra that could start new commitments, contracts and relationships.  The Lunar Eclipse later in the month could see culminations or endings concerning love, resources and money.  A lot of volatility as Pluto makes squares to the nodes and planets on the Aries/Libra Axis.  Keep up with the energy changes to make the most of any decisions that are required this month.

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